About us


In the work of an attorney, intelligence means that we act purposefully and reasonably, honestly and openly. We concentrate on the matters that are important for our clients, and we value client relationships that guarantee the best solution and service for the clients. We do not want to achieve success at the expense of a client's misfortune but rather at the expense of the satisfaction we have provided to a client. Therefore, we tell our clients honestly and openly what we are able to do and what we are not able to do for them. We think that honesty and openness in a client relationship are the values that lay the basis for long-term cooperation, thus saving emotions and time.


Every new piece of legal knowledge or knowledge of our clients or their business activities that helps us provide better solutions and service to our clients is worth acquiring and using. Every employee, who educates himself/herself in the field of law and keeps up with the market situation and the status quo of the client's field of activity, is worth to be acknowledged.


Every new idea that helps us provide a better service to our clients is worth discussing and realis. We acknowledge every employee who dares to search and find new solutions.

Intensely dedicated

Only those who are fully committed to their work can be really good. Willingness to provide services to our clients and help them by meeting their needs and requirements characterises each and every one of our employees. Each of our employees perceives the responsibility involved in the services we provide.


We also care about the things going on around us. By providing an intelligent attorney’s service, we set a positive example for others and thus develop/improve the business environment and society on a larger scale.

We believe that

the success of every business depends on the people involved and on whether those people share common values.

We agree with the viewpoint of American entrepreneur Lido Anthony Iacocca: 
"In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits. Unless you've got a good team, you cant't do much with the other two."

What our people have in common is intelligence, initiative, innovation, intensely dedication and inspiration.  

Be i and you succeed!