Labour law and public service

Labour law

We provide counselling in issues related to employment relations; we also help you:
-    prepare employment contracts and amend already valid employment contracts;
-    review and prepare the rules of work organisation and job descriptions;
-    protect employer's confidential information, including after the termination of employment relations;
-    find the most useful remuneration system for your enterprise;
-    find the best solutions in the field of recording of working time;
-    in matters related to holiday recording systems, including matters of study leave;
-    in issues of employee’s liability we also help you prepare agreements on proprietary liability and contractual penalty;
-    in issues related to business travel;
-    in the field of occupational health and safety;
-    terminate employment relations in a correct manner and make changes in the structure of workforce;
-    in processing of employee's personal data;
-    solve issues related to employment relations in case of mergers or transfers of the enterprise;
-    in issues related to cross-border working;
-    in implementing option programmes;
-    settle disputes;
-    communicate with the Labour Inspectorate.

We perform legal audits. During the audit, we examine the documentation related to the labour law valid in your enterprise and assess the conformity of the documents with the current requirements. In the audit report, we provide an overview of the identified deficiencies and make suggestions for rectifying such deficiencies. We can also help you carry out the working environment risk analysis.

Public service

We also provide counselling in the field of public service (incl. in the field of service in the Defence Forces) and representing civil servants and authorities in court.